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America’s 24 million baby boomers are preparing to enter their golden years. According to a November 2008 Washington Post story, 84 percent of the population over 50 wants to remain in their homes as they age; a concept known as Aging-In-Place, but few have made modifications to their existing homes to accommodate their needs as they grow older. Today’s economic challenges, concern about the environment, transportation costs and a lifetime of memories in your present home make any notions of moving less desirable.

FCSatlanta subscribes to the principles of Universal Design, an approach to designing spaces that can be used by people of any culture, race, gender, weight, size, ability and life stage. For example, wider hallways accommodate baby strollers or wheelchairs, lever door handles are easier to open for people carrying packages or those who grasp with difficulty, step-free entrances provide easy access for all, roll-out shelves in base cabinets allow for easy access to contents. Universal Design features, while virtually “invisible” in appearance, increase a home’s value and enhance its beauty and function and providing and environment to Age-In-Place or to address those multi-generational challenges.

We are experienced and trained in the cutting-edge techniques and strategies for designing and building aesthetically pleasing living spaces that allow people of all ages and abilities to live safely, independently and comfortably in their home as they age. Our expertise in Universal Design and Aging-In-Place and knowledge of multi-generational challenges are an absolute necessity for value and timeless function of any remodeling project.