1How are allowances, upgrades and changes handled?
We will guide you through the décor selection process. From cabinets to light fixtures we will help as much or as little as you want. We will assist you in meeting with our vendors, furnish samples and catalogs for your selections and will help you fine tune every detail to make your vision a reality. Any upgraded items or changes will be quoted prior to ordering and must be paid for in advance.
2When going through the building process, how do we communicate with during the day-to-day construction process?
We focus on effective communication and building relationships. When you have concerns or ideas that you want to discuss, call, e-mail or fax us. We try to be available to address your questions and concerns. We want you to feel confident and secure with us and our attention to details. We do however ask that you limit any conversations with our contractors or vendors so that we can maintain effective management of the jobsite.
3When I see an idea in a magazine or on television is it possible to duplicate that idea in my home?
Most things are possible! Provide us with a picture or other information which we can use to analyze your idea and determine your options and costs. We have a vast number of vendors which we have compiled over the years giving us an advantage in finding the best options for you.
4How are the items which need to be fixed once our home is occupied handled?
During the first year in your home, you are covered under the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association Homeowner Limited Warranty which is given to you when you sign the contract on your home. This book is extremely educational and gives specific details as to what is covered by the limited warranty, what you can expect during the warranty period and offers “helpful hints” for the years to follow. At closing, we will give you a Homeowners Manual which further discusses various components in your home and describes the maintenance “do’s and don’ts” to properly take care of your home. Additionally, we will furnish you with emergency contact numbers and other phone numbers which may be helpful.
5What if I want to use some vendors or contractors who do currently work for you or if I want to do some of the work on my home myself?
To control scheduling and quality control, we prefer to use our own contractors and vendors. However, we will be happy to consider special situations on a case by case basis. All exceptions must be approved by Christine Fortenberry.
6What is the average time it takes to build a new home?
Five to six months however this will vary according to the complexities that may arise and weather.
7Does Fortenberry Construction Services LLC have a list of references that we can check before our final decision on our home?
Absolutely. Upon request, we will supply homeowners’ and vendors’ contact information for references. We want you to feel comfortable our company and your decision.