Education Testimonials

John Sias

The SR Team

Christine was very impressive. She has great experience and vast knowledge. It just flows out of her. I thoroughly enjoyed her class. Never did get bored. Give her a gold star. I would be interested in any classes that she is teaching.

Hilary Gray


I wanted to follow up with you and thank you for your time, knowledge and enthusiasm in teaching the CAPS II class last Thursday that I attended through the Greater Atlanta Home Builders Association. I would like to continue to take the remaining two courses with you as well if you will be teaching anywhere in the Atlanta area in the future.

Ron Lester, Owner

Georgia Contractor Group

...I truly enjoyed your class. What you bring to the classroom is so helpful to builders like me. The things that you were discussing are exactly the things that I am working through in my own business. It's very refreshing. I look forward to my future classes with you!!

Dale Mabee

Construction Group, LLC

First, I want to express my appreciation for the great job you did in the recent CAPS course I attended in Atlanta. Not only were you very knowledgeable of the subject matter, you were inspiring about the positive impacts we can have on people's everyday quality of life with the delivery of knowledgeable and quality services. The history of my company has been primarily in development of residential communities and construction of high end homes. It appears that the housing market will probably have a slow recovery and my plan is to diversify into other construction related areas and this field has my interest. I want to pursue this field not only for economic reasons, but also for personal gratification. I'm presently in the exploratory phase of my planning. Do you do consulting in this regard and if so what are your contractual arrangements/terms.

John Pfeiffer

It never fails, if somebody has a complaint you hear about it right a way. When it comes to a compliment it can take longer if not at all. After more then a month out in this field and a couple of home shows the value of these two classes are worth every dime. Many companies in this field have missed some KEY issues and standards studied in class. As with most home/remodel companies in Atlanta, it's "get a hammer and saw "and your good to go. I feel that both these courses covered the full spectrum of this industry and stressed the importance of proper procedures. When you have a group of people it can be very difficult to keep things on tract. I am from a construction background and know the terminology. A few times in class somebody would ask or start talking about something that was not relevant or very elementary. About the time I was about to drift off Christine would bring it back home without making anybody feel pushed. Also I loved her stories! There is nothing worse then having an instructor that knows nothing about what they are teaching. I am not very good at being in a class room that long and away from my business for two days butthis was time worth spent and enjoyed the courses very much.

Karl Kortemeier

Struby Construction, LLC

I wanted to thank you for the very helpful class. It helped me to re-think my role in my new job.

Cayenne Barnes

Professional Interiors Inc

I really enjoy Christine and learn from her. I have taken a lot of classes and in my opinion it helps to learn form someone who has remodeled. She gives great advise, is patient with people from other fields and really accommodates a wide range of professionals. She keeps the class moving, encourages conversation and yet controls the class. I will be signing up for her project management class.